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Annual Aeration And Seeding In Virginia

It is commonly recommended that core aeration and seeding be utilized for lawns that are experiencing brown spots or thinning grass. While it is true that both of these individual services can improve the growth and health of your lawn, taking advantage of core aeration and seeding at the same time will increase the effectiveness of both services. Potomac Lawn Professionals offers aeration and seeding as a combined service that will help improve both struggling and established lawns. 

effects of aeration

As a stand-alone service, core aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments you can give to your lawn. Even lawns that are healthy and uniformly green can benefit from annual core aeration. The process involves removing tiny plugs of soil and thatch across your entire lawn. The holes that are left behind during this process are highly beneficial to struggling lawns, and they will even help preserve the strength and appearance of healthier lawns. Some of the benefits of core aeration are as follows:

Improved Air Exchange

The holes created in the core aeration process allow air to flow freely between the soil and the surrounding environment. This allows your lawn to breathe and creates healthier soil.

Less Compacted Soil

Core aeration allows your lawn to breathe by alleviating compacted soil and thatch buildup. The holes from aeration will let your lawn decompress as the soil spreads to fill those holes, and your lawn will become softer.

Better Nutritional Intake

When you fertilize and water your lawn, that nutrition needs to be able to get to the roots of the grass. Core aeration enables direct delivery of nutrients to the root system of your lawn.

Improved Drainage

Water sitting on top of your lawn is a good indicator of drainage issues, which core aeration will help resolve. Pooling water will fall into the aeration holes and get absorbed by the soil. This means less puddles and greener grass for your lawn.

Pest Control

Standing/pooling water on the surface of your lawn is basically an invitation for lawn pests to invade. Aeration can deter pests by enabling water to drain properly and creating healthier turf.

Weed Control

In order to overpower weeds, the roots of your turfgrass need to have the best possible access to nutrition. Core aeration gets fertilizers and natural nutrients to your turf’s roots to help them grow stronger. Stronger turfgrass means weaker weeds.


The Importance Of Seeding Your Lawn

Just like core aeration, seeding your lawn annually is a great way to restore the health and appearance of struggling lawns and preserve lawns that are thriving. If your lawn has small or isolated areas where grass is thinning, spot-seeding can be an effective way to improve growth in those spots. Overseeding also promotes grass growth, but this process refers to spreading seeds across an entire lawn when the struggling areas are more prevalent. Below is just a few of the ways your lawn can be improved by annual seeding: 

Thicker Grass

Thinning grass and bare patches will turn any lawn into an eyesore. Laying down seeds over struggling turf promotes healthy growth over those bare areas that need to be filled and the thinning areas that need a little boost. 

Stronger Lawns

Many factors can lead to your turf becoming damaged, including inclement weather and foot traffic. Your lawn needs to be densely seeded to be able to withstand the constant stress it endures. Annually seeding your lawn will improve your turf’s resilience.

Erosion Reduction

Seeding your lawn creates higher grass density. When grass seeds germinate and grow in close proximity to one another, soil and moisture are held in place more efficiently by the dense root system, reducing erosion and runoff. 

Pest, Weed, And Disease Control

Your lawn’s best defense is a strong offense, which is exactly what you get from overseeding. Seeding will improve your lawn’s ability to withstand invasions of all kinds by creating healthier, stronger roots and thick grass that can self-repair more easily and absorb more nutrients.

Combining Aeration And Seeding

  • Seeds need to get down into the soil in order to germinate and sprout. While this can be accomplished by simply tossing seeds on top of your lawn, the seeding process will always be optimized when used in conjunction with core aeration. Every single one of the previously mentioned benefits of aerating and seeding separately can be enhanced by utilizing these services together, which is why Potomac Lawn Professionals delivers these services at the same time.  


  • After we carry out the process of core aeration, the holes created by removing plugs of thatch from your lawn are perfect for planting grass seeds. As our technicians evenly distribute seeds throughout your lawn, the seeds will be able to fall into the aeration holes, which immediately puts them at the root zone. From there, seeds will be able to germinate quicker and more easily, and they will develop into turfgrass with stronger and deeper roots.
Core Aeration
  • We perform aeration and seeding once per year and always in fall. Our technicians use premium tall fescue seed, which is a cool-season grass type that flourishes in cooler temperatures. By utilizing this type of grass in the cooler fall months, we can give your new grass seeds the best chance at getting established and avoid harmful summer heat. The tall fescue seeds we lay down should then have enough time to begin developing roots in order to survive the coming winter. 


  • It is helpful to remember that aerating and seeding can also benefit healthy lawns. Do you ever look at a golf course and wonder how it is kept so green? The groundskeepers are probably not waiting until damage actually emerges before they take action. Healthy lawns can quickly fall victim to compaction, weeds, diseases, and any number of other harmful factors if preventive measures are not taken. By utilizing our aeration and seeding services annually, you can transform your struggling lawn into a lush oasis, and then you can preserve that beautiful lawn season after season, year after year.

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What services would you like an estimate for?

*if applicable attach pictures to expedite your request.