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Professional Lawn Care in McLean, VA

Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area are home to some of the country’s greatest communities. Potomac Lawn Professionals serves and lives in these communities, which is why we have made it our mission to make every property in the McLean area flawless from end to end. Our selection of services promises to deliver professional, year-round results to properties of all shapes and sizes. For the premier lawn care company in McLean, VA, look no further than Potomac Lawn Professionals!

Cleaner Lawns in McLean

People in the community of McLean expect a certain quality of care when it comes to their homes and properties. McLean is home to the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as many members of Congress, diplomats, and government officials, making it an important American community. Areas like Langley, the McLean Hamlet neighborhood, and all up and down the Potomac River feature many large properties, both residential and commercial. Potomac Lawn Professionals knows how hard the residents here work to keep these areas beautiful, which is why we guarantee to always provide the finest yard care in McLean!

Lawn Care Services in McLean, Virginia

McLean is known to have some of the most gorgeous, sprawling properties anywhere in the nation. We know the high expectations of our customers in this community, and we are up to the challenge of meeting those expectations! The lawn care we provide is guaranteed to satisfy, with services to fit any property and every budget. See our list of services below to find out more about what we can offer your McLean property!

Fertilization and Weed Control Fertilizing and removing weeds are two of the most essential services your lawn craves. We offer both liquid and granular fertilizers, depending on the season and the type of turf in your yard. We focus our efforts on creating a richer, healthier soil that will enhance the long-term health of your lawn. Using weed control solutions in conjunction with fertilizers is the best way to ensure quality grass growth in your lawn. We will visit your property at key times throughout the year when fertilizers will be most effective, and we will apply the appropriate weed control measures during each visit. 

Lawn Mowing A properly and regularly mowed lawn makes all the difference when it comes to a professional-looking landscape. We use only top-of-the-line equipment and industry-leading methods to cut your grass, taking into consideration factors such as rainfall, the type of turf, time of year, and the current state of your lawn. We offer weekly and biweekly mowings on a schedule that works for you. You will not find a better or more reliable lawn mowing service in McLean!

Leaf Cleanup and Garden Maintenance Fallen debris, such as leaves and twigs, can suffocate your grass and cause mold to grow, not to mention the safety hazards of a cluttered lawn. Potomac Lawn Professionals offers yard cleanup services on a 6-visit, 3-visit, or hourly basis, depending on your needs. For larger properties, we are happy to clean your yard up to 6 times throughout the year, or you can utilize our hourly cleanup service if you just need a little extra help at any particular time. We have all of your yard cleanup and maintenance needs covered!

Mulch Installation Many people do not realize the benefits of mulch to their yards and gardens. Our specialists will hold a consultation with you to better explain the wonderful effects of our mulch installation service. You can choose from our variety of colors, sizes, and textures of mulches to give your yard a unique and special flair, but the benefits are not only cosmetic. Mulch helps prevent weed growth, pest infestation, dehydration, and a number of other harmful factors. Call us today at (703) 533-5296 for a consultation and to find out more about how the best mulch installation service in McLean can help you.

Shrub PruningPotomac Lawn Professionals has the right equipment and experience to guarantee you the best shrub pruning in McLean! Pruning and trimming shrubbery removes dead branches, encourages and promotes healthy branch growth, and creates a better looking yard overall. Bushes are a focal point of any lawn, and we will make sure that everyone likes what they see on your property!

Sod Installation If your lawn is severely damaged or you want to start a brand new lawn from scratch, sod installation may be right for you! Installing sod will give you that dream-like turf you have always envisioned. Sod provides immediate lush turf that you can walk on as soon as it is installed. This service can be tailored to either a larger commercial property or a smaller residential yard. You will be amazed when you see how quickly and easily you can have the perfect lawn, and that is exactly what we will provide with the best sod installation service in McLean!

Commercial Snow Removal This is one of the most important services we offer, as the work we provide in winter is vital to the safety of everyone who sets foot on your property. We promise the most effective and safest snow removal in McLean, and we are ready for any challenge the cold season may bring. Below are a few of the ways we guarantee to keep you safe and dry in the wintertime:

  • Full plowing and ice management of large parking lots
  • Shoveling residential areas
  • Shoveling and de-icing walkways, sidewalks, and driveways
  • Moving or hauling away large snow piles

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Keeping your business property or other large landscape in great shape is something we take pride in, and we want to provide you with a commercial landscaping service that will make you proud too! No matter the size of the property, we will take care of every inch of your commercial space. We provide the following assistance to our commercial customers:

  • Turfgrass aeration and fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Garden maintenance
  • Commercial lawn mowing
  • Sprinkler activation, repair, and winterization

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We take pride in the way we provide lawn care services in McLean. Potomac Lawn Professionals acknowledges how special Mclean and the surrounding areas are to the reputation of this country, and we consider it an honor to be in charge of keeping this community looking its best. Call us today at (703) 533-5296 to bring your lawn up to its full potential!

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Potomac Lawn Professionals is here to answer your lawn care needs. We know how big a difference having a well-kept lawn can be on a home or commercial building. There are countless different steps to caring for your lawn and trying to do them all yourself can be a huge hassle and money sink if done wrong. Leave it to the lawn professionals to provide the right service for your lawn at the right time.

What services would you like an estimate for?

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