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If you enjoy spending time in your yard and garden, you have probably asked yourself the question, “Is mulch necessary?” The simple answer to this question? Yes. People spend countless hours in their yards and around garden beds trying to help their plants grow. Like lawn mowing or fertilizing, mulch installation is a crucial step to take if you want a healthy yard with healthy plants. Potomac Lawn Professionals offers the best mulch delivery and mulch installation services in Virginia, and we are ready to make your yard our next stop!

Mulch Installation Job Performed By Potomac

The natural soil throughout your lawn, in vegetable gardens, and in any other gardens or flower beds is what feeds your grass and plants. Soil contains the nutrients that your plants need to survive, and installing mulch is a great way to preserve those nutrients that will result in a greener, livelier overall yard. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with the specific needs of yards in the Washington metro area. We have the best variety of mulches and offer the most convenient mulch delivery you will find anywhere in the area!


Mulch benefits both the appearance and health of your yard. Nothing can improve the curb appeal of your property quite like a good mulch. We have several different types of wood based mulch and inorganic mulch, which come in a variety of colors and textures, to help you carry out whatever vision you have of the perfect landscape! Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the main functions of mulch are to protect plants and help provide nutrients to your grass and in your garden bed. Below are just a few of the ways our mulch installation and mulch delivery services can help!


Weed Prevention 

Exposed soil is exactly what weed seeds are looking for in order to germinate and grow. Installing mulch prevents weeds from growing by blocking out sunlight they need to survive and protecting your soil from seeds that blow in and hope to find a place to take root. Be sure to ask us how our fertilization and weed control service can help even further in the fight against weeds!


Moisture Retention

Mulch acts almost like a sponge when it rains or when you water a garden bed. Water can evaporate quickly from bare soil, but the mulch we lay down will retain moisture and allow your plants to absorb more water for longer periods of time. Mulch also prevents soil crusting, which occurs when water droplets splash onto your soil and disperse clay particles that quickly form a hard crust on the soil surface. Mulch installation is the best way to ensure your garden and yard stay hydrated in between waterings. 


Erosion Protection

Wind, rain, and muddy runoff can quickly erode your soil and make your landscape lose many of its defining edges and features. Our mulch will help gardens and flower beds hold their shape against the harmful effects of the elements. Organic mulch, like wood chips or straw mulch, are perfect for preventing erosion.


Temperature Control

Another important function of mulch is regulating soil temperature. In the colder months of fall and winter, soil insulation is important to the health of your plants. Mulch insulates your garden beds to keep your soil warm and protected from the harmful effects of cold weather. In the summertime, mulch helps cool your soil by blocking excess sunlight and releasing retained water much more slowly than bare soil.


Quick Mulch Delivery And Installation

We want to make the mulching process as easy as possible. You will meet with a specialist for a consultation, and they will walk you through your options and help you decide which mulch is best for your yard. Once you have picked out the style you want, mulch delivery and installation services are all part of the package! Any installation fees or a delivery fee will always be transparent and communicated to you. Mulch is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain your garden beds, and we promise to give you results and prices that will make you happy you called Potomac Lawn Professionals!


There are many factors to consider when picking out the perfect mulch. Many people choose organic mulches for the added health benefits they provide to your soil, but inorganic mulches have their own unique benefits that you will not get from the natural variety. Consider the differences between these two categories of mulch when determining which best suits your needs.


Organic mulches come in a variety of styles and are composed entirely of natural materials. Hardwood mulch is the most popular type of mulch. Hardwood varieties are made from any type of hardwood from trees. It decomposes quickly and adds the most nutrients to your soil. Bark mulch is made from shavings or pieces of bark, such as pine bark mulch or cedar mulch. Bark mulch is long-lasting and can be replaced more infrequently than hardwood mulch. Other organic matter is often used for mulching needs as well, such as grass clippings, pine straw, and more. Organic mulches are the way to go if you are interested in maximizing health benefits to your soil. 


When choosing an organic mulch, we will walk you through every style we have at our disposal. Aside from choosing between the health benefits of bark mulch and hardwood mulch, we also have a variety of colors. Dyed mulch is very popular because of the added color it provides your yard. Red mulch gives gardens or flower beds a great contrast to the surrounding plants, but brown and black mulch can make your yard look unique and still maintain a more natural appearance. Of course, organic mulch costs less than inorganic varieties, which is always an important factor to consider when purchasing mulch.


If you choose inorganic mulch, you can give your yard a very distinct look and still be able to provide a few health benefits. Popular forms of inorganic mulches are rubber chips and rocks. These styles provide a unique look that is sure to improve your yard’s curb appeal. While wood chips are better at retaining moisture, some forms of rubber mulch can still help your garden bed conserve water.


Though inorganic mulches will not decompose or add nutrients to the soil, they can still help prevent weeds as effectively as organic mulch. Perhaps the best benefit of inorganic mulch is the low maintenance. Because inorganic mulch does not decompose, it lasts much longer than any form of organic matter. Inorganic mulch is also much easier to keep within the boundaries of your garden beds, meaning less work for you! We will lay down the style of inorganic mulch you desire, and you can just sit back and enjoy!


Organic mulch should be reapplied annually, and the best time to install mulch is typically in spring. Depending on the style of mulch and environment of your yard, inorganic mulches may only need to be reapplied every few years. Applying mulch in the springtime before weeds begin to emerge is the best way to keep weeds from destroying your plants.


Our spring mulch installation features manual edging and mulching at a depth of 1-2 inches. Tree rings and garden beds will be treated with great care, and we always make sure to keep the mulch away from the base of tree trunks and the crown of shrubs to ensure healthy plant growth. We will even return in fall to touch up the areas we worked on during our spring installation. If we discover that your mulch needs are greater than we anticipated, we always consult with you before adding additional amounts.


If you think your entire lawn could benefit from the type of help mulch provides, ask us about our weekly mowing service! A byproduct of lawn mowing is the redistribution of grass clippings. Those clippings act as a kind of mulch across the surface of your lawn that will protect your grass and get reabsorbed, providing added nutritional benefits. Some people even chose to use grass clippings as the main mulch type in their gardens. Our mowing service will keep your lawn at the right height while also leaving a thin layer of clippings behind to make sure your grass grows back stronger every time!


If you are ready for the top mulch installation services in the Washington metropolitan area, then you need Potomac Lawn Professionals! Call us now at (703) 533-5296 to get started with your consultation!

What services would you like an estimate for?

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Potomac Lawn Professionals is here to answer your lawn care needs. We know how big a difference having a well-kept lawn can be on a home or commercial building. There are countless different steps to caring for your lawn and trying to do them all yourself can be a huge hassle and money sink if done wrong. Leave it to the lawn professionals to provide the right service for your lawn at the right time.

What services would you like an estimate for?

*if applicable attach pictures to expedite your request.