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Do you love fall, but you hate all the leaf cleanup that comes with the season? Wish you could just sip hot cider and carve pumpkins while someone takes care of all your fall lawn care needs? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you have come to the right place! Potomac Lawn Professionals has provided Virginia with leaf cleanup services since 2012, and we take pride in the spotless, leaf-free lawns we create for our customers every season. 


Leaf removal is an important part of keeping your yard healthy. If fallen leaves and tree debris are left strewn across your property over winter, your lawn and yard could become severely damaged by the time spring rolls around. Snowfall creates wet leaves that will smother your lawn. This layer of snow and wet leaves will make it difficult for necessary sunlight to get through and decrease air exchange, which will result in your grass becoming suffocated. This type of environment also creates the ideal conditions for fungal growth, lawn disease, and pest infestations. Ignoring leaf removal needs in fall almost certainly means dead or dying grass in spring.


When you sign up for our leaf removal service, you will get a plan that is tailored to the needs of your yard. Depending on the amount of fallen leaves on your property, you can utilize our leaf removal services either 3 times per year, 6 times per year, or hourly. Large to medium-sized properties that are surrounded by more trees will likely need leaf removal services more frequently, and our 6-visit plan would be greatly beneficial to the health and appearance of those properties. Of course, not all yards are the same, and smaller yards with little to no trees have no use for several visits throughout the year. For these properties, our hourly rate is a great option if you just want us to come out once or twice at specific times to help clean up leaves and tree debris around your yard. 


We Use The Right Tools For The Job

Leaf cleanup is a tedious task that most people dread having to do. Aside from raking leaves, there are many other options when it comes to leaf removal/disposal, and it can be difficult to know which option is best or even where to start. The specialists at Potomac Lawn Professionals will handle all of these concerns for you with a comprehensive list of leaf removal strategies.



Raking leaves into tight piles that are easy to deal with is best for some smaller yards that do not have widespread leaf coverage. Those piles can then be easily removed from your property, and you will not have to worry about the health of your lawn over winter.


Leaf Blower

Our technicians use top-of-the-line leaf blowers in order to maintain larger properties with more leaves. Leaves can quickly fly across your yard and cover a lot of ground. Using a rake for a big yard is often an inefficient method, and a leaf blower will get the job done quicker. Just like the rake method, we will blow leaves into concentrated areas for easy leaf removal.


Leaf Mulching

Commercial properties often have different needs than residential yards. For these types of properties that have widespread coverage, leaves will be mulched into the turf. This mulch method will take care of your leaf removal needs, and it will improve the health of your lawn.


Leaf Vacuum

Larger properties typically have more obstacles that present different leaf cleanup challenges. If your property has garden beds, pathways, common areas, and different types of hardscape areas, a leaf vacuum may be the best option. These leaves can be hauled away if necessary.


Potomac Lawn Professionals will provide you with transparent pricing that lets you know exactly what the cost of our services will be. Properties up to 10,000 square feet with moderate leaf coverage can expect to pay between $160-$230 per visit. Properties up to 20,000 square feet can expect costs between $320-$670 per visit. These prices are cost estimates and can vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Smaller yards that do not require the same amount of leaf cleanup as larger properties can expect to pay less. Before any job is started, we will consult with you to make sure you know what to expect, and we are confident that you will be satisfied!


When you make our fall leaf cleanup service part of your yard care and lawn maintenance routine, we will make sure you are getting your money’s worth! We know how annoying it can be to have leaves sit on the street curb and constantly blow back into your yard. If you do not have a county or other type of leaf collection, we will haul the leaves away for you. Bagging leaves is also part of the service you get from Potomac Lawn Professionals, and those bagged leaves can be transported to an offsite compost pile. No matter what method of leaf removal you request or is needed, we will get the job done!


Potomac Lawn Professionals wants to be your go-to leaf removal company in the Washington metro area. Before anything else, we will sit down with you and discuss what other companies charge vs. what we charge, and we will show you how and why we keep our customers coming back every fall! Call us now for free estimates at (703) 533-5296.


What services would you like an estimate for?

*if applicable attach pictures to expedite your request.

Potomac Lawn Professionals is here to answer your lawn care needs. We know how big a difference having a well-kept lawn can be on a home or commercial building. There are countless different steps to caring for your lawn and trying to do them all yourself can be a huge hassle and money sink if done wrong. Leave it to the lawn professionals to provide the right service for your lawn at the right time.

What services would you like an estimate for?

*if applicable attach pictures to expedite your request.