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Mowing your lawn is an important job that must never be overlooked when it comes to proper lawn maintenance. Unfortunately, cutting the lawn is very time consuming and must be performed frequently. At Potomac Lawn Professionals, we do not want you to have to choose between enjoying the beautiful spring and summer weather or keeping your lawn mowed and healthy. For the last decade, we have provided a top-quality lawn mowing service in the Washington metropolitan area. If you want more free time in spring and summer, as well as a pristine and healthy lawn, then our weekly mowing service may be just what you need!

The actual job of mowing the lawn takes up enough time, but there are other factors to consider that make the job even more tedious. If you personally tend to the mowing needs of your own lawn, you will have to fill gas tanks, sharpen blades, adjust the height of the blades, clear debris, and any number of other tasks that make the job that much more annoying. Our technicians are highly skilled and know how to handle all the intricacies that come with the lawn mowing process. 

We utilize lawn mowers that will get any sized job done in a quick and efficient manner. We have different gas powered mowers to be used for different situations. Push mowers and self propelled mowers may be used for smaller areas. For areas of wide open grass, our riding mowers are a perfect fit and will give you great results fast!


Many people have the misconception that mowing patterns used by professional lawn maintenance companies are purely aesthetic. While we always make sure that our mowing patterns look crisp and attractive, periodically switching the mowing direction actually benefits the health of your lawn. Mowing over the exact same pattern every time your grass is cut will put stress on your turf, similar to how frequent foot traffic can form a path of damaged grass on your lawn. 

Switching the direction of our lawn mowing patterns also helps keep your grass upright. If your grass is cut in the same direction over and over, the grass blades will begin to favor the angle at which they are cut. This repetition will cause different parts of your lawn to lean toward one direction, which creates a visually unappealing effect. Changing our mowing direction allows your grass to grow upright. We will examine your lawn before every visit to determine when and how mowing patterns should be adjusted to ensure that your grass stays healthy and looks great.

Another key factor we take into consideration while mowing your lawn is the blade height. If grass is cut too closely to the surface of your lawn, root growth could be negatively affected, which would prevent your lawn from growing and could even kill your grass. Improper blade height could also lead to the presence of weeds if you cut your lawn too short. Grass that is cut too short will have a weaker nutrient supply, which will allow weeds to harness more nutrition from the soil and cause your lawn to weaken. 

To prevent any damage to your lawn, turf will be mowed at a height of 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches. This range of height is optimal for lawn growth and health. Areas not accessible by mower will be line trimmed as closely to the height of your lawn as possible to make sure that your yard has a clean, uniform appearance.

Grass clippings may be left on top of your turf to act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. This is a healthy and effective method of promoting grass growth. We will dispose of any debris we come across that can not be mowed.


Other weekly lawn mowing services may not focus on much more than getting your grass trimmed. At Potomac Lawn Professionals, all of our services are designed to improve the overall health of your yard and make your property stand out from the rest. Our lawn mowing service alone provides a number of benefits to your yard. See below to find out how our weekly mowing service does so much more than simply cut your grass.

Expert Lawn Mower Technique

Our lawn mowers will be used in ways that guarantee to turn heads! We will never leave ugly tracks across your lawn that destroy the patterns we work hard to create. You can expect straight lines and neat patterns that will make all your neighbors jealous!

Safe And Healthy Yard 

Debris and hidden objects can quickly be covered up by tall grass. These obstacles in your yard can be dangerous if people trip over them or if they are mowed over. Objects that are left on your lawn for long periods of time can also kill your grass. Our weekly mowing service will make sure that all obstructions in your lawn are removed.

Lawn Disease Control

Mowing too low or not changing/cleaning mower blades can cause fungi to develop and spread, which can cause harm to your lawn. We always make sure our blades are in top shape, and mowing will be performed at an appropriate height, so you never have to worry about lawn disease when we are on the job!

Pest Control

Keeping your lawn in good health is the best defense against lawn pests. By frequently mowing your lawn using proper techniques, we can create a healthy lawn for you that will deter pests from invading your yard.

Prevent Thatch And Weeds

Overgrown lawns can contribute to thatch buildup, which can lead to a number of health problems for your turf. On the other hand, lawns cut too short can promote harmful weed growth. Our specialists will give your lawn the perfect cut every time to prevent either of these damaging effects from taking place.

Edging And Trimming

Once per month, we will use a mechanical blade edger around walkways, driveways, patios, and other hard paths. Trimming will be performed around garden beds and flower beds as well. Before we leave, we will make sure all hard surfaces are free and clear and any clippings for a finished service that will make you happy you called Potomac Lawn Professionals!


We suggest that lawns be mowed once a week for the best results. We will work with you to develop a schedule that is convenient, and you can count on us to be there on time every week. If unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent us from making our appointment, you will always be promptly notified.


Even after we leave, we are thinking about the needs of your lawn! It is important to make sure your lawn stays healthy in between mowings. To find out the ways our fertilization and weed control program can be used with our weekly mowing service, call us today at (703) 533-5296 for a consultation. We have the services and prices to make you a happy customer, and we can’t wait to create a better lawn together!

What services would you like an estimate for?

*if applicable attach pictures to expedite your request.

Potomac Lawn Professionals is here to answer your lawn care needs. We know how big a difference having a well-kept lawn can be on a home or commercial building. There are countless different steps to caring for your lawn and trying to do them all yourself can be a huge hassle and money sink if done wrong. Leave it to the lawn professionals to provide the right service for your lawn at the right time.

What services would you like an estimate for?

*if applicable attach pictures to expedite your request.