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Expert Commercial Landscape Maintenance In Virginia

When you are entertaining potential clients or business partners, you want to present yourself as professional and detail-oriented. Whether we are talking about the appearance of your home’s landscape or a much larger commercial property, the importance of making a good first impression can not be underestimated. At Potomac Lawn Professionals, we understand how important a good first impression is, which is why we pride ourselves in being the leading commercial landscaping company in the Washington metro area! Whatever your home or commercial landscaping needs may be, we are ready and waiting to give your property a makeover that is sure to be remembered!

Commercial Landscape Maintenance for Maserati in Arlington, Virginia

Commercial Landscaping Services

Many people think of flowers and mowed lawns when they think of landscaping maintenance. We do offer a seasonal flower rotation that will create colorful focal points throughout the growing season, but our landscaping services offer so much more than just pretty flowers! We have a variety of services to address every aspect of proper landscape maintenance. 


The types of services you will get with our commercial landscape maintenance program can be broken down into either “turf management services” or “horticulture landscaping services.” Turf management focuses on creating and sustaining a healthy lawn, while horticulture landscaping makes your plants and gardens appear strong and prominent in your yard. Keep reading to find out how all of our services used together will create the landscape of your dreams!

Turf Management Services

Mowing And Trimming

Mowing your lawn is an important part of proper landscaping practices. Our commercial lawn mowing service will get lawns of any size looking neat and lush by the time we are done! We will analyze the needs of your lawn and develop a weekly schedule that works for you. If our specialists determine that a biweekly schedule would be more beneficial for your lawn, we will consult with you and make sure that our plan meets your needs. Lawns will be mowed at an optimal height range of 2.5-3.5 inches. At our discretion, we will make adjustments to things like blade height and mowing patterns in order to make sure you get the best mowing job possible!

Of course, no lawn mowing job is complete without the finishing touches! We use mechanical steel blade edgers to make sure that all pathways and hard surfaces look crisp and neat. Our mowing and trimming equipment and methods are designed to keep your lawn healthy and ready to impress!

Fertilization And Weed Control

To give your grass a vibrant green color and strong roots, we will give your lawn a fertilization treatment that focuses on improving the long-term health of your property’s soil. Our fertilization plan will span from early spring until winter, with different types of treatments performed during each visit that are tailored to the unique challenges of the different seasons. We will use different types of fertilizers depending on the needs of your lawn, such as liquid, granular, chemical, and natural fertilizers.  

As we apply fertilizer to your lawn, we will also treat any areas that are susceptible to weeds with either a pre-emergent or a corrective weed control treatment. Weeds compete with grass for nutrients and water, which is why they need to be eradicated for healthy turf. Our goal is to make sure your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs in order to achieve a lush green appearance that will wow visitors!

Aeration And Seeding

Once per year in fall, core aeration will be performed on your property. Core aeration has many benefits to your lawn, and it is especially useful for larger plots of land, such as the landscape of an office building. This process will make small holes in your soil that help reduce compaction, allow your lawn to decompress, improve airflow, and give nutrients and water and direct route to the root system. Core aeration can also provide a certain amount of pest control by preventing standing water from forming, which is an ideal environment for many lawn pests. 

Seeding your lawn at the time of aeration in fall will improve the seeds’ chances to germinate. By seeding once a year while we aerate, any struggling areas of your lawn will have a better chance to be repaired. The holes from aeration allow seeds to reach an appropriate depth that is optimal for germination and growth. 

Horticulture Landscaping Services

Spring/Monthly Garden Bed Maintenance

A thorough cleanup of garden beds will be performed once in the springtime. This visit will include edging to a depth of 1-2 inches, weeding, pruning of flowers and plants, and removal of fallen leaves and other debris from trees in order to prepare the beds for mulch installation. A granular pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to discourage weeds from growing in the future.


After our spring garden bed maintenance service, between April and October, we will visit once a month to make sure that no weeds are beginning to grow back. This is the best way to ensure that your commercial property has garden beds that are filled with nothing but lovely plants and flowers all year long. 


Spring/Fall Mulch Installation

Following our spring cleaning of your garden beds, we will install beneficial mulch across the soil in your gardens. Mulch helps your soil retain moisture, protects it against pests, prevents weeds, improves drought tolerance, and many more wonderful benefits! We have a variety of mulches, but commercial properties mostly benefit from our hardwood mulch that will be planted at a depth of 1-2 inches. We will keep mulch away from shrub crowns and tree trunks in order to allow for healthy plant growth. 


We will return once in fall to touch up any areas where we applied mulch in spring. Over the course of the year, mulch can become damaged or blow away, and laying a little extra, new mulch will ensure that your garden beds and tree rings are protected and look great!


Shrub Pruning

Commercial properties will receive two shrub pruning visits in late summer and early fall. This service provides ornamental care for shrubs, perennials, bushes, small trees, and other plants that need pruning. Pruning removes dead wood and leaves from plants, which encourages newer and healthier growth to take place. Ornamental care is not just for decoration, and your plants will struggle to grow if they are not occasionally pruned. We will keep your shrubbery in tip-top shape!


Leaf Cleanup

We will perform two leaf cleanup services for commercial properties in November and December. For larger properties, leaves will be mulched into the turf and removed from garden beds, tree rings, and hardscape areas. Our commercial landscape maintenance would not be complete without a dependable leaf cleanup service, and we know all the best strategies for taking care of leaves on larger exterior grounds. When we are done, if necessary, any leaves that are not used as mulch will be removed from the property.


Winter Cleanup

Your landscaping needs don’t end when the cold weather arrives. We will visit once in winter to clean garden beds, prune shrubbery, remove sticks and debris, and an assortment of other tasks. Our technicians will make sure your commercial landscape is ready to take on the challenges that come with winter!

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Potomac Lawn Professionals is here to answer your lawn care needs. We know how big a difference having a well-kept lawn can be on a home or commercial building. There are countless different steps to caring for your lawn and trying to do them all yourself can be a huge hassle and money sink if done wrong. Leave it to the lawn professionals to provide the right service for your lawn at the right time.

What services would you like an estimate for?

*if applicable attach pictures to expedite your request.